Good News: January 2022

Firstly, we would like to welcome our newest member, Annie Herzig!

After departing the corporate foodie world as an art director in 2014, Annie Herzig returned to her first loves of illustration and storytelling. She works using a combination of traditional and digital media, often utilizing watercolor, gouache, graphite, and colored pencil on the page.

Delighting in awkward, funny, and heartwarming interactions, Annie incorporates relatability and humor into her work, while developing lovable characters and getting to know them as close friends. Having experienced loss, she also explores themes revolving around grief and shared human experience, seeking to both offer and find connection with others.

You’ll often find Annie drawing for hours in her studio with John Denver records on repeat, pausing for tea and cookies, then getting outside before the sun sets to breathe some fresh air on a mountain trail. Come visit her at

Annie is represented by Charlotte Wenger at Prospect Agency.

Instagram: @annieherzig
Twitter: @annieherzig

Congratulations to Dow Phumiruk who illustrated Titan and the Wild Boars, which won the Rhode Island Children’s Book Award for 2021!

Also, congratulations to Dow for getting her art from Hello, Tree into the Original Art Show NYC!

Not to mention being named A Mighty Girl’s 2021 Book of the Year!

In addition, Hello, Tree, also illustrated by Dow is now being translated into other languages!

Read her interview in Picture Book Builders by our good friend Andrea Wang with author Ana Crespo about Hello, Tree.

The Madison Reading Project recognizes Counting on Katherine, illustrated by Dow in honor of Women’s History

Congratulations to Dow on a new book deal to illustrate The Boys of Koh Pantene!

Dow will be one of the amazing artists featured in Yes We Will by Kelly Yang.

Congratulations to Jessica Lanan who illustrated The Lost Package, which received many more accolades since our last good news:

Photo by Stan Yan

Congratulations to Kaz Windness for getting recognition for her October art show at the Wandering Jellyfish in the Westword!

In case you missed Kaz‘s previous blog post, Swim Jim is officially available for preorder!

Bud’s Art Books gave Mother Goth Rhymes by Kaz Windness a pretty nice review!

Congratulations to Stan Yan for signing for representation with Ann Rose at Prospect Literary!

Congratulations to our own Lily Williams, whose Picture Book, If Bees Disappeared was named Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K–12: 2022 (Books published in 2021).

Hot on the heels of that news, it’s exciting to do a cover reveal for the next book in Lily‘s series, If Tigers Disappeared.

Dow isn’t the only one whose books are being translated into different languages. Lily Williams‘s Go With the Flow is getting translated too!

Speaking of Go With the Flow we’re excited to announce that a sequel Look on the Bright Side to this book has been announced!

Congratulations to our own Anden Wilder, Patricia Clock, Brizida Magro, Annie Herzig, and Heather Brockman Lee on getting pieces into the 2022 RMC-SCBWI Calendar!

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